Monday, February 21, 2005

It doesn't exist, does it?!

It has become apparent that in a small country like Estonia, the film industry can only exist as a prestigious cultural sector. Not many Estonians, let alone foreigners know, what's going on in Estonian film-market. As people are not aware of what's happening in this field, many may think that the market is simply non-existant. This belief, of course is very untrue. I am not sure whether we can call our small film industry a "film market", because only 4-5 major feature films are produced yearly, along with approximately 70 films in total (incl. documentaries, cartoons). Yet, there has been a significant raise in the number of films made since 1995 (when only 29 films were produced). And this may come as a surprise for many Estonians! When there's so many as 70 domestic films being produced every year, how come we hear, or more precise happen to see so few of them? The answer is - because these 70 simply "disappear" in the middle of thousands of foreign-made and imported films. Not to mention the little media coverage Estonian films get...
But I do believe that Estonian film (and Estonian film market along with it) is developing; true - slowly, yet developing. The object of this blog is to reflect the development and changes in Estonian film market. To let people know what's going on, because things are happening. Every day somebody works on their film idea, every week somebody tries to start a new project, every month some documentaries are released, and every year at least 3 big features come out...So the numbers might not be at the level of Hollywood, but enough is happening, it just needs to be pointed out and taken notice of...


Blogger Jens-Olaf said...

In 2003 I was at the International Busan Film Festival, South Korea, PIFF. Estonia was represented with Nimed Marmortahvlil. Since the South Koreans are crazy about film and movies the cinema was packed with 300-400 people. At the end left with big question marks in their eyes, most heard about Estonia the first time. And then this story about the Reds, the Latvians, the Germans, the Russians etc.
One student told me he had to write a home work about a film of this festival. Somewhere he had red the note that this was the most successful film in Estonia so far, so he bought tickets for it.
The Baltics have a place in the festival since years. Pusan is among the 10 biggest festivals world wide, I`d guess.

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Blogger Jens-Olaf said...

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Soory, wrong url, in Pusan:

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