Friday, March 04, 2005

Estonian Film Festival is Coming....!

Good news for all Estonian Film fans...Estonian Film Festival will take place from 11th of March - 19th of March ( so that is from coming Friday already). And the week has been divided according to the categories : such as Portray films' Sunday or Newcomers Tuesday (March, 15th), when films from Future Hopes will be shown. I just have to mention that some of my university mates have their films screened on that Tuesday... Look out for them! Well done Kert and Tarmo! I look forward to see your docs as I know you worked hard on your films! That gives me hope that one day my name will be up there as well...Hmm - maybe next year the same time?
Also, among many new films, such films as "Set Point" ( or whatever it's called) and "Revolution of Pigs" which indeed was a candidate for nomination for this year's Best Foreign Film Oscar (Thanx Juris for your comment ;-) will be shown as well. So if anyone still hasn't seen these films, it's your chance. The ticket is really cheap - 25 EEK per one items of films (usally 2-3 films) or 50 EEK per whole day. You can check the overall Estonian Film Festival Guide in Kinomaja. Most films are in Estonian with either Russian or English subtitles.
The Association of Estonian Filmmakers has been organizing the Estonian Films Week since 1999. The aim of the week is to screen the whole of Estonian film production from the previous year.
These festivals are cool, coz whenever I attend these festivals, I am always surprised...and usually in a positive way! It's a refreshing experience no doubt in that...So if you happen to have a bit of free time, you are welcome to go and have a look as well....


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