Friday, March 11, 2005

Why oh-why is the price so high?

Yesterday story with extremely high “news-value” was in the focus of different Estonian media publications. The price of Estonian biggest cinema CocaCola-Plaza was high in discussions. TV 3 officially announced that Estonian cinema price is now among the highest in the whole Europe, that makes us to be in the second place after Denmark and just before Finland. Although I found it silly that issue got such a high media exposure I do feel sad that the CC Plaza has also announced to be increasing the prices even more by 5 EEK.
So now if you plan to go to the cinema in the evening after 6.p.m, you have to pay 115 EEK. ( I feel sorry for guys who might want to ask a girl out to see a good flick…but the price is ridiculously high... no wonder they end up in a pub!)…
Anyways the statistics show that since 2003 there has been a downtrend in the number of cinema-goers in Estonia. So if this is some kind of new business strategy of CC-Plaza to draw more people to the cinema by increasing the price, I doubt they will manage to fulfill their goal…But I guess they know better!?


Blogger Geert Bakker said...

They should decrease the price with at least 25 EEK, so that the tourists can spend more money on other things like pubs. And have more fun of course for the same price.

6:16 PM  

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