Wednesday, March 16, 2005

First DVD with Estonian film-students' works was released

The new DVD "Film Selection of Film-students" was released today. DVD with 8 films produced either by film-students or recent graduates got premiered in cinema Sõprus. Films include the cream top of the film-students' last year works such as Piret Saarepuu's cartoon“Selling the Ox”, Tanel Toom's feature film “2.68“, Marianne Kõrver's documentary “Death in Venice”. All the films have English subtitles so non-Estonian speakers could enjoy these films as well.
Mikk Rand (representative of the Kinobuss), who helped to choose the films for that DVD, says the selection was made in order to get the best examples of all film-categories. They hope that the release of such DVD will become a tradition.


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