Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"Frank and Wendy"...politically incorrect and weird!

Frank and Wendy take over Estonia.

A new Estonian cartoon “Frank and Wendy” will be premiered in Coca-Cola Plaza this Friday. The cartoon tells a story of two American secret agents who find themselves in a weird place called Estonia. Such politicians as Bush, Putin and Chirac will be criticised in this film. The film-makers confirm it was their intention to do a politically incorrect film. The film is directed by Priit Tender, Ülo Pikkov and Kaspar Jancis. It was sripted by Priit Pärn. The cartoon was voted as one of the Film of the Day in Estonian Film Festival that just took place. This cartoon will also make its appearance in Annecy International Animated Film Festival on 6th -11th of June 2005. Annecy Festival is the most well-recognized Animated Film Festival in the world.
When I was reading the short description to that cartoon I came across the word “weird” at least four times, so I am sure the cartoon is weird first and foremost. Too bad I am not a huge cartoon film fan, in that case I would have definitely booked my ticket on-line for this Friday…


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