Thursday, March 31, 2005

Manifest Film Week from April 1st

So this is something that all film-students have been waiting for... In movie theatre Sõprus the Manifest Film Week will take place from April, 1st - April, 6th. The audience can see the first and student-years' films (from period of 1993-2005) of today's top Estonian film directors such as Jaak Kilmi, Marko Raat, etc. Also, all the film directors are present themselves at the premieres to introduce and discuss their first attempts of film-making. And on the final day April, 6th works of currently graduating students will be premiered to the audience...!So if that falls any way to the field of your interests, you should definitely be present...The films start at 9.p.m on April, 1st- April, 6th...It should be interesting for everyone... I know I will try to attend some of the nights!

"Limbo" is Kristin Kalamees Bachelor film that will be premiered on April, 6th in Sõprus


Blogger Friend said...

I saw the films of students and some of them were really well-made. I wish there were more students' films shown...

5:28 PM  

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