Thursday, March 24, 2005

Who is Priit Pärn?

Priit Pärn - talented, eh?

Priit Pärn is probably the best screenplay writer for animated films in Estonia in current days. His most recent work was scripting the animation “Frank and Wendy” which has just been released in cinemas in Estonia. So who is that talented animated film maker?
He was born on August, 26 in 1946 in Tallinn. Although he graduated from Tartu University with Biology degree he started working as a director for animations in Tallinnfilm studio in 1976. In 1977 he made his first animation called “Is the Earth Round?” Since then he has made more than 10 animation films, either as a scripter or director. In addition, he has created several commercial and TV-clips. His best-known and most recognized films are “Breakfast on a Ground” (1987), 1895 (1995), “Night of Carrots” (1998) and “Karl and Marilyn” (2003). All these films have received several awards in Europe as well outside Europe.
In 2001, he was given an annual ASIFA (International Animated Film Society) Life Achivement Award, where he was decribed as the following... “This year ASIFA board decided to give the Award to Priit Pärn, because he is a film maker who combines highly personal style with socially relevant content. And what is a real achievement, is that he has been able to maintain his high quality and personal style both in former rigid and centralized Soviet Union and modern day commercially driven Estonian capitalism.” (ASIFA News)


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