Monday, March 28, 2005

Baltic Film and Media School established today

Maybe the new school will enhance film-making in the Baltics?!

So finally this has happened…the Baltic Film and Media School was established and the official agreement was signed today, on March, 28th 2005. The BFMS is initially a joint institution of current Concordia Audentes University Media department and Tallinn Pedagogical Media department. The board of new school consists of representatives of Tallinn University, Estonian Film Foundation, Estonian TV and Culture Ministry of all the Baltics.
The new school is said to hopefully boost the media education in the Baltics. The school will start its courses and accept first students in September, 2006.


Blogger Kristel said...

Finally, something certain for us, Concordia media students. After going through all these changes in the last couple of years, I hope that now we can be sure under which school we are going to graduate. Looking forward to some new courses and professors as well..

11:07 AM  
Blogger Bronja said...

I'm not so confident about all of this...but we'll see. Nothing we can do anyway :) so let's wait and see!

10:56 AM  

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