Friday, April 22, 2005

”Shop of Dreams” is open

We just made it to the cinema by the time “Shop of Dreams” opened. Although I was afraid of having to watch a real chick flick, then for my relief I was wrong. I remember my friend saying before : "Even if it is a chick flick it’s still worth watching an Estonian let's go!" (and my friend is he rather than she). But in the end neither of us was disappointed. The film was a surprise in a positive way. And I have to say that it’s been a while since I saw a good Estonian feature film.
The film has English subtitles so all the non-Estonians can go and check the film out as well.
The actors do a good job. Newcomer in film Maarja Jakobson is very appropriate for the role of sweet and a little bit sad (but not in a depressing way) Alice. She is accompanied by Evelin Pang and Anne Reemann, who I think plays one of the best roles in the film. Three of them make a good company.
The build-up of the overall plot and characters was enough intriguing so I did enjoy it and I was amused for most part…but then 10 minutes before the ending, something happened and the final end was quick and confusing. Me and my friend were both sitting there thinking – what the hell just happened? As if the director had gotten too tired to make the good ending so he decided to just throw some pieces together. From my point of view, Peeter Urbla could have come up with the better ending.
They say it’s better to leave the party while the party is still great. I felt the same way about the “Shop of Dreams”. I could have left earlier and I would have felt more satisfied.
I guess it’s not always smart to wait around until they close the shop, even if it’s the shop of dreams and you feel like staying there forever. But leaving gives you the option to have your own dream ending…tempting isn’t it?!
If you can, go and check this shop... sorry I meant to say the film out.

Making of Shop of Dreams


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